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November 1997

Drawing Office Services

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Cambustion Ltd is an independent, private company formed in 1987 by a research group who were working at Cambridge University Engineering Department. ChangePlan Ltd were engaged to provide a complementary drawing office service.

August 2002

Vauxhall Golf 25 years

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ChangePlan Ltd was called in to distort ready prepared artwork. A large plate, approx 6m in diameter, was produced to commemorate the Vauxhall Golf 25 year anniversary. The artwork, which had to be printed onto the plate, had been produced. ChangePlan Ltd had to transform the artwork to fit around the rim of the plate, which was at an angle, so the curvature had to be distorted The Picture (apologies for the quality) shows it on Hanger Lane, (the North Circular Road, A406), London, UK.

March 2013

Liverpool Media Wall 2013

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ChangePlan Ltd was asked by Global Erecting Sign Services Ltd (GESS Ltd) and PressOn Ltd to distort graphics to enable them to apply pre-printed panels to a ships hull. This was for the HMS President sited on the Thames at Victoria embankment. We worked closely with all parties to ensure the tight deadlines were achieved. We had to manipulate hi-res digital graphics, supplied by the artist Tobias Rehberger in digital format, to enable vinyl panels to be printed of a size that could be manhandled from a boat and fitted safely. The imagery had to follow the contours of the hull but appear straight and true when viewed, and also had to line up with additional graphics above the hull.

April 2003

St George's hall, Liverpool.

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ChangePlan Ltd produced a full-scale 3D rendered model of the front of St George's Hall, Liverpool. The Building was covered in scaffolding during the officials visit to the city for the European Capital of Culture 2008, so a full size image (34m x 26m), printed by Macro Art, Great Gransden. The image had to be rendered in sections, due to software limitations, and then joined and blended together using software specifically written for the project. The image shown has been rescaled for the web. Its size was originally 4096 x 3072 (50mb) and there were 72 images to be assembled. Inset is the original image we were given to work from.

Sunday, November 28th, 2021

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