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August 2012

CNC tooling lathe camera software

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ChangePlan Ltd teamed up again with RJMS services to produce a bespoke in-house application for Vetro Tooling Ltd. They required software to interact with a hi frame rate camera sited over a CNC tooling lathe. The software allowed them to rapidly profile tools for duplication. A key aim was to give Vetro Tooling Ltd the ability to create profiles form an existing unique tool supplied by the customer. Often these were prototypes and one offs. The software allowed Vetro Tooling Ltd to produce an accurate profile of a tool fitted to the lathe and then save or export the profile, so that it could be imported into their favourite CAD software. The software also allowed profiles to be exchanged back and forth between the lathe application and proprietary CAD software applications utilising the standard DXF format.

Februry 1995

Poster of Computer Generated Raytraced model

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Imp Electronics were seeking funding for a first generation Real time video editing suite. ChangePlan Ltd created Computer Generated 3D models to create Poster sized visuals produced for Imp Electronics, Cambridgeshire.

April 2003

St George's hall, Liverpool.

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ChangePlan Ltd produced a full-scale 3D rendered model of the front of St George's Hall, Liverpool. The Building was covered in scaffolding during the officials visit to the city for the European Capital of Culture 2008, so a full size image (34m x 26m), printed by Macro Art, Great Gransden. The image had to be rendered in sections, due to software limitations, and then joined and blended together using software specifically written for the project. The image shown has been rescaled for the web. Its size was originally 4096 x 3072 (50mb) and there were 72 images to be assembled. Inset is the original image we were given to work from.

November 2011

Loft Extension in Cambridge

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ChangePlan Ltd designed a loft extension for a mid terraced house in Cambridge. We advised the client on various options to best fit their needs. We then took the designs through the Planning and Building Control phases. ChangePlan Ltd also assisted with the project management the job, ensuring the whole project was on schedule and within budget.

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