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August 1996

Grade II listed building

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ChangePlan Ltd produced a full 3D model of a Grade II listed building. All renovations and extensions had to be presented to committee for approval. Every feature had to be taken into consideration, from correct stonework to new doors matching existing in style & manufacture. The 3D rendered model proved an invaluable tool to not only show how the new interacted with the original, but also for cataloguing features prior to commencement of works. Lots of the Original windows and doors had to be replaced, and the new Romanesque style pool added to the rear had to compliment the original build of the house.

November 2011

Loft Extension in Cambridge

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ChangePlan Ltd designed a loft extension for a mid terraced house in Cambridge. We advised the client on various options to best fit their needs. We then took the designs through the Planning and Building Control phases. ChangePlan Ltd also assisted with the project management the job, ensuring the whole project was on schedule and within budget.

June 2014

Dazzle graphics for HMS President

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ChangePlan Ltd was asked by Global Erecting Sign Services Ltd (GESS Ltd) and PressOn Ltd to distort graphics to enable them to apply pre-printed panels to a ships hull. As part of 14-18 NOW, the official cultural programme to commemorate the centenary of the First World War. the sponsors wanted to wrap the ship HMS President, sited on the Thames at Victoria embankment, in Dazzle Graphics. We worked closely with all parties to ensure the tight deadlines were achieved. We had to manipulate hi-res digital graphics, supplied by the artist Tobias Rehberger in digital format, to enable vinyl panels to be printed of a size that could be manhandled from a boat and fitted safely. The imagery had to follow the contours of the hull but appear straight and true when viewed, and also had to line up with additional graphics above the hull. A stunning video of this process made by David Kew is on YouTube. The ship is now berthed by Victoria Embankment on the Thames until February 2015.

1998 to 2004

AutoCAD Customisation

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ChangePlan Ltd formed a close and long-standing working partnership with >Byrum UK Ltd (now Byrumlabflex Ltd), in providing laboratory & hospital storage systems across the UK and internationally.
We developed a bespoke AutoCAD application extension (using menu customisation, autolisp, activeX, etc.) to build a library of their range in 2D and full 3D to enable designers to quickly and efficiently produce 2D & 3D layouts.
From the start (using AutoCAD r10) we modelled all parts, using layers to separate the 2D representation (symbol) and the full 3D accurate model, allowing draughtsman to work on 2D plans, whilst still producing the full 3D layout.
Accuracy is key, when installing precision manufactured units, and with routines controlling then placement of frames, worktops, and units, ensured complete accuracy, enabling conflicts to be identified in the design process.
Elevations and views were then accessible instantly from the model ensuring accuracy and a true interpretation to the client of the end result.
This has evolved into the parts being used for accurate visualisations at the onset of the design process, ensuring the client can see, in full detail, the intended design and can make, previously prohibitive, revisions to their concepts without the usual costs, delays, and waste.
An additional drawing management system was developed, allowing accurate tracking and time costing of drawings against projects and cost centres within a central database.
Also, due to the nature of their particular field, the application can grow and be extended in house as more and new products are taken on by the company, giving them full control, and allowing the business to grow. Bespoke software development offer many unseen benefits.

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